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Welcome to The Herb Works

The herb formulae in the following pages, represent an approach based upon a synthesis of the teachings of Dr Thut, with those of Dr Enderlein?s findings, Dr Bjorn Nordstrom, Louis Kevran, Becker, V.G. Rocine, and many others.

They are the result of the past 25 years of clinical practice and research, and are offered in the belief that you may find something suitable for what ails you? in this sadly out of balance world that we presently live in. Read all about it here.

Wildcrafter Man

Dear Visitor, Some Things Have Changed

Thank you for visiting the new web site for The Herb Works. Since its launch in late November, 2008, we had hoped to make it more current by listing new formulations, and more informative with the inclusion of various articles written over the years. We had also wanted to offer these products for sale via an appropriate sales mechanism such as Commerce Lite.

Unfortunately, we have been advised that Health Canada would look upon this site as simply another type of store... with the stipulation that the products would have to have a Natural Product Number ( "NPN" number ), and our location would have to have a site license, in order to be fully compliant with the new regulations from the Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD).

Because of this, we have can no longer sell in a retail capacity from this site. However...there is the following exemption:

As a result of an ruling from the NHPD in November, 2006, registered herbalists were granted an exemption from the regulations if the products made were exclusively for use within the patient - practitioner relationship. Therefore... not only can I continue my practice by having people come to see myself in consultation, but if a person was to call / email or write, and engage in a dialog that discussed health issues, then I am at liberty to sell them such herbal products that would address their particular health issues.

Having said that, we are working on a template for telephone consultations, as this would be the most expedient format ( versus writing, email , etc). As soon as this is up and running, it will be posted on the site, and in this manner, we will be able to sell products via the website.

Further, while the blog initially seemed like a good idea, lately we have had a huge amount of spam, porn and other unsolicited hits. I have also found that there are substantial time constraints that preclude my ability to respond effectively to those blog replies that are indeed genuine. These time constraints result from the fact that upto 30% of my time is involved in lobby work. As with many governments around the world, our Canadian government is involved in an international effort at destroying this industry, and turning over the remains to Big Pharma. There are many of us here in Canada that are engaged in efforts to counter this movement, and this takes a lot of time, effort and money... all of which is donated pro bono. I have thus made a decision to remove the blog portion of our site as well; should anyone feel the need to respond to (eg.) an article or inquire about a product, we would happy to respond to any emails sent in this regard.

My apologies for all these changes; they are simply part and parcel of what we must do to survive in this distasteful regulatory environment.

Richard DeSylva, CH

Hersbs Manufacturing