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As part of the consultation process, I will initially ask any number of questions regarding the ailment(s) that have prompted you to seek out my services. After getting some sense of the problem, I then do Iridology or iris examination of both eyes. This is a very reliable diagnostic tool and indicates problem areas in the body that require attention.

Additionally, I ask questions about diet, illnesses, body functions, what your GP has told you, and what you can tell me in the way of additional and seemingly unrelated information that may impact the assessment of your illness. This can include emotional, familial, & even societal issues that can bear upon and even generate ailments.

Most consultations take about an hour, with more complex illnesses such as cancer taking a bit longer. I charge $75. per hour, with the herbs in addition to that fee. Payment can be made with credit card or cash; we formerly accepted cheques but regrettably, experienced NSF issues.

While I would like to be able to do consultations on a more regular basis, with my involvement in the lobby work, & export work that we’ve been doing for many years now, I am currently offering two days per week: Tuesday & Wednesday for booking consultations. For those out of province, telephone consultations are available, but only upon receipt of electronically formatted iris photos, taken with ( eg. German,etc.) iris microscope equipment.

We do not do darkfield microscopy, but can refer if desired.